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CABS have a successful track record in carrying out full envelope refurbishments on a variety of buildings and structures such as, major retail outlets, local authority buildings, Ministry of Justice, property development and facilities management companies, as well as for private landlords.

We use a variety of leading industry branded products including Delcote®, Delglaze©, and Seamsil® (which come with a 15 year manufacturer backed warranty),  SteelSeal and PPG to ensure we achieve only the best results.

Building Refurbishment, Dilapidations, Re-branding

Cladding Recoating

Coatings and Blasting Service can provide a specialist coating for PVC, PVF2, Plastasol and Steel surfaces. Reducing maintenance to the exterior of buildings which use the above panels.
As time progresses so does the degradation of original factory coatings. Increasing the costly need for maintenance and repairs. However, Coatings and Blasting Services are an approved contractor for the use of SteelSeal®. A product specifically designed for “making buildings beautiful again”.

It’s benefits include:

• Excellent weather durability.
• Very long life expectancy reducing repainting costs.
• Enhancing the buildings commercial value.
• Cheaper than re-roofing/cladding

Roof Cleaning and Resealing
Coatings and Blasting Services offers a specialist service to reseal and clean roofs and cladding in order to prevent future problems.

Aged Roofing Sheets
Asbestos sheeting was originally used for the roofs of many buildings across the UK as it was a lightweight alternative to slate and tile roofing. The fibres of asbestos provide enough strength and flexibility to allow sheets to be pressed into standard profiles that can perform to a 50 year life expectancy. However, this alternative was only used until the 1980s when the dangers of asbestos were identified.

There are still many commercial buildings which use asbestos cement roofs which can create potentially huge problems. Disturbing these sheets for repair requires specialist contractors of which Coatings and Blasting Services are. The sheets can be prone to cracking and corrode, lifting them from their original positions causing leaks.

Our Treatment
The most cost effective and safest way to deal with this issue is to encapsulate the surface of the sheet with sealed coating. Coatings and Blasting Services uses Delcote®, an ideal solution to provide a flexible, waterproof and breathable membrane.
The benefits include:
•The original sheet remains undisturbed which reduces costs, disruption and safety controls.
•Delcote® will repel any water, eliminating any leaking roofs but provide a breathable membrane for the sheet to ‘sweat’.
• Very durable, life expectancy of over 20 years,

Loose Fixings
An added problem that may be encountered is loose fixings, which often cause leaks and corroded threads means that they cannot be tightened. A simple solution to this problem is to seal the fixing with Seamsil® 400. It is unaffected by UV light or extreme weather and provides a fast yet effective way to seal any small problems.

Cut Edge Corrosion
Corrosion can begin on the edges of a metal sheet as it’s protective covering gradually starts “peeling” away. This can be caused when the metal is exposed to weather such as heavy rain, wind and snow for long periods of time.

As the protective cladding peels away it exposes the metal and leaves it vulnerable to rust and corroded. If this problem is neglected it will progressively become worse and move away from just the edges to the weather-sealed lap joints and gutter overhang. Creating weaknesses within the buildings structure. However, if the problem is dealt with from the beginning the it will prevent costly sheet replacement, maintenance and repairs.

Our Treatment
Coatings and blasting Services Ltd is an approved applicator for Seamsil®100, a product developed specifically for cut edge corrosion. It provides many benefits which include:
• A strong and flexible external joint
• It can be applied without disturbing any existing sheets and fixings.
• It is unaffected by UV light or weather extremes.
• Cost effective and reliable way to prevent further corrosion

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