Haford Regeneration Programme - Case Study

Further to negotiation with Jistcourt Construction and the local authority, CABS were commissioned for the clean down to a row of residential houses on the Hafod Regeneration programme, which had been subjected to centuries of dirt and grime.

We recommended the DOFF cleaning system, the combination of super heated steam and low pressure gave the results that everyone was elated with, because of the high temperature there was no need for any chemicals to be used and the dirt, moss and lichens were removed with no adverse effect to any of the stonework, because of this system we were able to work around the general public with no risk of contaminates or chemical exposure.

The main contractor was so impressed we were asked to price additional works and secured the contact shortly after completion of our initial scope of works.

Contractor: Jiscourt construction

Location: Hafod Swansea

Duration: 1 Week

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