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With a national program of re-branding Sytner Mini in Tamworth employed one of the country’s leading specialists in vehicle showroom upgrades MCS Group. MCS have become a market leader in this field because they use a team of cladding and curtain walling experts who make these high value car dealers look contemporary  and glamorous, so when they get damage they need the best possible outcome.  

Because of the exceptional service CABS had provide both MCS and Hallfords in the past, the were the first people turned to in order to resolve the construction phase damage and also the deeper laying problem of poorly produced cladding sections.

Using our relationship with PPG, CABS were able to get a NACE Certified Coating Inspector involved who recommended a product and application solution that cure the patchy nature in the panels caused during manufacture.

Once completed the CABS team had successfully ensure that all the cladding had the deep consistent colour scheme Mini as a brand demand.  Upon completion both were happy that CABS had done such a fantastic job as stated below.  

“Finally MCS wish to pass on their thanks for an excellent job you and your lads have done on this build”

Neil Williams
Director at Hallfords Refurbishments Ltd

Contract: Cladding Repair + Respraying

Contractor: Halfords Refurbishments Ltd

Location: Mini(Sytner), Tamworth

Mini Tamworth- Case Study

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