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Million Pound Sonar Dish - Case Study

CABS were contacted by a private client to undertake the complete refurbishment of a sonar dish and mechanical rotary housing which is part of a million pound installation in an airfield in Ceredigion South Wales.

The project was a difficult one to say the least the scope of works limited CABS to using specialist paint systems with no lead or metallic content making sure the operation of the dish was not affected in anyway by having any adverse effect on the sonar waves which the dish picks up.

Utilising our relationships with our market leading suppliers we were able to acquire the right paint for project and have confidence we would meet our clients specifications and needs, the dish and housing were very large in nature with the dish requiring a completely defect free substrate and finish again avoiding adverse effects from carrying out its job.

Almost 5m in width and 2.5m in height, it was a big area to coat taking around 9 coats of paint in the specified orange corporate colours and hours of sanding and preparation to ensure a smooth and uniformed surface as seen in the photos.

The mechanical rotary housing was a task in itself, while not requiring specialist paint systems it still proved to be a challenge for our experienced site team, taking into consideration the preparation method involved of aluminium silicate blasting to remove all the existing loose and flaking coating from its steel structure, we had to ensure all the mechanical elements of the rotary system were fully masked off and protected to avoid our grit becoming embedded into the fine elements and ball bearing areas which operate its movement, again taking almost 7 coats of paint to ensure longevity and the life span of the coatings being stuck in the elements in all weather condition we were able to meet clients specifications and requirements

Further to this works the client has now instructed us to undertake the complete refurbishment of the steel container housing the radar equipment, and 6m high frame to which this million pound system sits on, we are contracted to undertake these works in February of this year watch out for our next update.

Contract: Refurbishment

Contractor: Private

Location: Ceredigion South Wales

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